Tuesday, January 29, 2013

chara = joy

[chara] : joy, gladness, delight, enjoyment, often enhanced by phrases like exceedingly great joy

In the fruits of the Spirit, the Greek word chara is translated as joy.  This word is found in many other places in the New Testament all of which are linked below.  Notice that happiness is not a fruit of the spirit but joy is listed as the second of the virtues.

Do not mistake happiness, which can be rude or thoughtless for the cares of others, for true joy.  Joy is that spark in the eye where we can be filled with gladness even during a terrible personal catastrophe because we know that God is with us and will never let us go.  You see joy is not selfish.  You can have joy for another person when something good happens for them.  In that way it is the opposite of envy.  Be strengthened today by these verses about joy.  The second fruit of the Holy Spirit living through us is that we delight in Him and find our Joy in knowing Jesus Christ in a personal relationship.  Don't just smile and be happy but have the true joy that comes from the Holy Spirit.

CS Lewis said that :
"It is not the part of the Christian to be perpetually solemn... our joy must be that kind, and it is the purest kind where we take each other seriously."

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